BASIC 1 DAY CLASS in London.
Bead threading, Pearl stringing and knotting.

I've taught threaders for many of the top designers.
We start at Charity shop level, and progress to Bond Street!

Students learn 6 methods of threading beads, knotting and attaching various types of clasps to a professional standard. I provide all the materials and use of tools for the class.

Please bring: Close-up glasses, or magnifyers if usually needed for fine work. We do not need to use bought needles. We make small-scale samples of each technique worked on, which you will take home.

It may be possible to purchase additional beads, threads, and bits and pieces. All good value - the basic 1 day class is still only £85.

Please enquire for upcoming dates, using the contact page.
Advanced classes or one-to-one tuition can be discussed.

I also lecture and write on many Bead topics, do Bead Identification and Consultancy, and unique items from my own extensive collection can be made available for exhibition.

2014 Bead Fairs in UK:

Bead Society of Great Britain AGM
Sunday 6th July
Holburne Museum
Bath BA2 4DB

Bead Society of Great Britain's 25th Bead Fair
Sunday 5th October 2014
Uxbridge College, UB8 1NQ

For details, map, etc, see:

My bead collecting began in my childhood after WW2, and as an art student in the 1960s i discovered that the story of beads was still largely under-researched. As I collected, designed and sold bead jewellery I gathered and verified practical information about beads for myself and researched their history. In 1988 my first book about beads was published, and two more followed. They became popular and are now out of print.

During the years when I ran a specialist bead shop in Portobello Rd, West London, I continued to research and learn everything I could on the subject. At that time, before the internet, I made personal contact and corresponded with various prominent specialist researchers, archaeologists and museum curators, both here in UK and overseas. We founded the Bead Society of Great Britain in 1989.

My experience over the years of so many types of beads of all materials and techniques has given me a very broad and thorough knowledge of the whole subject I am highly competent to recognise and identify almost any bead by its material, technique, historic origin, trade and use, and can frequently spot copies or fakes.

I am regularly employed on a freelance basis to identify and evaluate the beads that appear in the lots of a London auctioneer of antiquities, I advise other collectors with cataloguing their examples, and am available privately in a consulting capacity if required.


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